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About Us

Even though Black Bear Tennis is a new company, I have nearly 50 years of tennis experience. I began playing tennis at age 11 and have progressed from junior to high school to college and to an adult tennis player. I've also seen tennis from the coaching side as I was fortunate to be the men's and women's head coach at Friends University. I'm also a certified stringer and a Master Racquet Technician and operated Advantage Stringing for 7 years. During that time of stringing racquets, I was able to find out what tennis players of all levels really want. 

Most players want a string that is low cost, durable, easy on the arm and will improve their game in some manner. That's why I have spent months with my team of testers to find a string that does exactly that. All of these tests were performed on a blind basis with the testers not knowing what string they were testing, the gauge, exact properties or even the shape. This was done to keep it completely unbiased.

We took over 6 months of testing and re-testing to develop a string that you, as a tennis player, would want to play. We spent a lot of time asking questions about what you wanted and you said that tension maintenance, durability, spin and control were most important. We then took it to our manufacturer and asked for these things to be included in the strings we tested. We're thrilled that these strings are German made and are manufactured to the highest standards.

Our play testers raved about all of these things and more! They loved the feel, control, spin, tension maintenance, comfort and durability. Frankly, these are the things that most tennis players crave - a string that plays great and lasts a long time all while being easy on your arm.

Thank you for considering Black Bear Strings in your setup. We believe that once you play Bear Claw, you'll be hooked!

Dan Gaskell
owner, Bear Claw Tennis